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Interfaith Education Ministries
Distance Education Assessment & Accreditation

Education Assessment & Accreditation

Interfaith Education Ministries (IEM), provides certificates of measurement and evaluation of educational and professional credentials and practices of traditional, nontraditional, religious and other online and distance education programs. IEM, founded in 1965, is listed in the UNESCO Higher Education Institutions Registry (HEIR) under United States of America. UNESCO is the Educational Arm of the United Nations which is recognized by the Departments of Education of all countries members of the Lisbon Convention, including the
U.S. Department of Education. UNESCO is recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA)*.


*Interfaith Education Ministries IEM is a Private Religious Global Membership Organization, therefore it is not and does not seek recognition of CHEA, the US Dept of Education nor any governmental approvals of any country. Informational links to CHEA and other organizations is provided to visitors but does not in any way imply recognition. Interfaith Education Ministries (IEM) does not grant degrees of any type.

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